Breaking>>> NEW PHOTOS of #MikeBrown Discovered from His Facebook Page

These photos were discovered at Michael Brown’s Facebook page.
His profile said he was from Pine Lawn which is close to Ferguson.

In his “likes” Michael Brown liked: Crazy School Fights, OMG Fights and Fight Life.

Brown was shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014.
No charges have been filed.

** Got News has more from Michael Brown’s Twitter Account.

mike brown trio
Mike Brown triple shot

mike brown ethnicity
Mike Brown: F*ck Your Ethnicity

mike brown night
Mike Brown with friends at night

mike brown arms
Mike Brown showing off his guns

mike brown street
Mike Brown on the street in North St. Louis County.

mike brown snow
Mike Brown in the snow

mike brown walking
Mike Brown walking

mike brown kid
Mike Brown as a kid hugging an older male.

mike brown selfie
Mike Brown selfie

mike brown daughter
In several shots Michael Brown is pictured with a baby. Not sure if it is his daughter.

mike brown groovy
Michael Brown psychadelic

mike brown bird
Mike Brown flipping the bird.

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