BREAKING==> Mike Brown’s Instagram Account Found: “My Hands My Ammunition”

Mike Brown.’s Instagram account was located.
Brown describes himself: “My Hands My Ammunition”
mike brown sound cloud
“I’m out here to claim what’s mines”

And he did. Brown was caught on camera robbing a local convenience store before his death.

Michael Brown from Ferguson posted photos of himself flashing gang signs.
mike brown instagram
Got News


The photos destroy the liberal media narrative that Brown was a nonviolent “gentle giant.”

** More Instagram photos here.

It was a pattern–
Brown was often pictured flashing gang signs.
crips michael brown 2
Michael Brown was pictured several times flashing gang signs. The family released this photo to KSDK for a report.

crips michael brown

michael brown crips 3

One hand gesture means “What’s up blood?”
mike_brown gangs
The two pictures on the left appear to depict two different hand signs that show allegiance to a “Bloods” street gang.

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