BREAKING: ISIS USES CHEMICAL WEAPONS – Murders 300 Iraqi Soldiers in Chlorine Gas Attack

URGENT: ISIS kills 300 Iraqi soldiers by chlorine gas attack in Saqlawiyah.

On Monday, several Iraqi officials confirmed that ISIS murdered over 300 soldiers using chlorine gas in Saqlawiyah, north of Fallujah.
The soldiers suffocated and died from the chemical attack.
iraqi news gas attack
(Iraqi News photo)

Vice President Osama Nujaifi condemned the massacre at Saqlawiyah base in Anbar Province.
ISIS militants used suicide bombers and chlorine gas to kill 300 Iraqi soldiers.
Iraqi News Agency reported:


Vice President Osama Nujaifi condemned the “heinous crime which perpetrated by terrorist Daash in killing three hundred soldiers were trapped in the regions of Saqlawiyah and Alsger of Anbar province.

Nujaifi said in a statement by his press office: “The media picked up another terrible crime committed by the terrorist Daash, where its terrorist elements surrounded military unit to do its job in defending the homeland, then do the execution of its adherents were their families after running out of ammunition.

Terrorist, Daash used Chlorine gas in the area of Saqlawiyah, after surrounding more than 400 soldiers, which led to the death of three hundreds of them because of suffocation.

ISIS reportedly looted the base after the attack.

This was reportedly the first time ISIS used chemical weapons in an attack.

trucks isis
The ISIS terrorists reportedly took the trucks from the base.

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