Breaking: Houston Man Wearing ISIS Logo Spotted at Jason’s Deli

A post taken at Jason’s Deli on west 34th and 290 in Houston is making the rounds on Facebook and Reddit.

The man is clearly wearing an ISIS logo on his black robe.
jason deli isis
The unknown man was wearing a black Islamic robe with the Islamic State logo embroidered on the right shoulder.

Local ABC reported:


Eyewitness News has been working to get some real answers or responses about the picture that’s going around, but it’s more difficult than you may think. The picture shows a man supposedly wearing an ISIS logo at a Houston restaurant.

We contacted Houston police, who referred us to the FBI. The FBI told us they know about this story, but they were not aware of any arrests being made and were also unaware of any specific credible threats within the Houston territory.

So for now, a lot about the picture remains unknown, but it’s definitely got a lot of people talking.

Recently in Houston, two ISIS supporters terrified members of a Shiite mosque when they interrupted prayer services by screaming orders that the Shiites “repent” from their beliefs and join “the right way” under the leadership of Abu Bakr Baghdadi.

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