Benghazi Victim Family Member: “Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Panetta, You’re ALL LIARS” (Video)

benghazi attack consulate

Michael Ingmire, uncle of Benghazi attack victim Sean Smith, spoke with Gretchen Carlson today following the hearing by the Select Committee on Benghazi.

Ingmire wrote an editorial recently saying, “Americans should never be afraid to ask for justice.”

On Wednesday, Ingmire said Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta are all liars.

“They promised, for example, Pat Smith was promised by Panetta, Obama, Hillary Clinton that they were going to get back to her. That they were going to keep a consistent word as far as like, keeping her abreast of the investigation into the murders. And, they’ve never returned one phone call. They have never called her. So Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Leon Panetta, you’re all liars.

Via The Real Story:

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