BACKLASH: 85% Disagree With Panera Bread’s Recent Anti-Gun Policy

Panera Bread is asking customers to leave their guns at home.
Yesterday CNBC started a poll asking readers if they agree with Panera Bread’s decision.
72% of the public disagreed.
panera poll

Today after more than 33,000 votes 85% of the public disagreed with Panera’s anti-gun policy.
poll panera guns

Clearly, Panera Bread is facing backlash over their new policy.
CNBC reported:


Panera Bread is asking customers not to bring guns into its restaurants. The request places it on a growing list of companies asking guests to refrain from toting firearms into their locations amid an ongoing nationwide debate about gun policy.

“The request is simply we recognize everyone’s rights,” said Panera CEO Ron Shaich during a phone interview Monday. “But we also recognize that we are building communities in our cafes and are where people come to catch a breath.”

We’re simply respectfully requesting that people leave their guns at home,” he added. “It’s that simple.”
The move nods to why people choose to dine at Panera—essentially to catch a breath and mellow out, Shaich said. To date, the chain hasn’t had any material issues with firearms at its stores, he added.

While the request is new, Panera plans to continue to follow state and local laws regarding firearm policy. The chain also won’t ask employees to enforce the new request or place signs about it in its restaurants.

“We’re certainly not going to put our associates in the position of confronting someone carrying a gun,” he said. “We won’t put our café management in the position of being law enforcement.”

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