TERROR TRAINING: ISIS Shows Child Beheading Western Looking Doll

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

How does civilized society reclaim a child after Islamists teach them this?

In the wake of releasing a propaganda video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley this week, ISIS (aka ISIL) is circulating online ‘before and after’ propaganda photos showing a child acting out a beheading on a doll with Western appearances.


The photos are similar to Hamas propaganda photos showing children wearing mock suicide bomb vests.

The photos were posted to the Twitter account of @Syricide, with the critical statement, “Words fail me. #ISIS #childabuse”

The first photo shows a child dressed in black wearing a hood standing in front of an ISIS flag. In one hand the child holds a long knife, in the other a doll with blonde hair and light skin dressed in the standard Islamist propaganda orange prisoner jumpsuit.

The child’s eyes can be seen peering at the camera through holes in the hood. The child holds the doll out by the hair as the other hand grips the knife.

The next photo shows the doll after beheading. The doll’s head is positioned on the doll’s body as is done with real Islamist beheadings. The knife and doll’s head are daubed with ‘blood’.

Photos of real beheadings of real Arab children by ISIS have circulated online in recent weeks in addition to photos of beheadings of women and men. One particularly gruesome image showed a Christian woman killed by having a wooden crucifix jammed in her mouth before she was beheaded.

With these new photos, ISIS is sending a clear message: Their children are being trained to kill your children, America. And if given the chance the grown-up ISIS terrorists will kill your children now.

Forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes–or as President Obama might say, “Fore!”

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