SHOCKING! Radical Chicago Progressive Activists March In Support Of ISIS!

The left knows no bottom.

Radical Progressive activists rallied in Chicago on Friday in support of ISIS, and against Obama administration attempts to stem the tide of genocide in Iraq.

The leftists came out to counter protest against Christians who were out in the street to voice their support for those being slaughtered by muslims in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and everywhere muslims are perpetrating their murderous global pogrom.

The organizers believe the public is being fed “humanitarian lies” in order to justify involvement in Iraq.

Chicago Tribune reported:

A group of about 30 people from organizations including the Gay Liberation Network, Northwest Indiana Veterans for Peace and Antiwar Committee Chicago met later in the afternoon at the Federal Plaza with signs of their own.

One man handed out flyers to passers by while saying, “How about no bombing of Iraq?”

Friday’s military actions, the first in the region since the U.S. pulled out of Iraq in 2011, are only an excuse for the United States to reassert its power in the region, said Jay Becker, of World Can’t Wait, Chicago.

Leave it to Progressives to be so steadfast in their fight for peace that they end up defending ISIS genocide of ethnic minorities.

The following tweet was proudly posted by Progress Illinois:



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