Shocking! Illinois Leftists March in Support of ISIS

Chicago leftists protested yesterday against the US airstrikes on ISIS and the humanitarian aid to Iraqis.
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No MORE war on Iraq! Chicago says NO! Emergency action in protest right now. The protest was sponsored by the communist World Can’t Wait organization.

The protest was organized to counter-protest the Christians protesting against ISIS genocide.

Despite the genocide of Yazidis in Iraq the left carried “Hands off Iraq” signs.
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Demonstrators in Chicago protested Friday against Obama’s air strikes in Iraq.


The far left organizers believe the public was being fed “humanitarian lies” in order to justify involvement in Iraq.
From the ENews website:

Organizers say the public should not believe the “humanitarian” lies used to justify bombing Iraq, which are no more true coming from the Obama administration than were the lies used by previous administrations to justify U.S. military attacks.

The previous U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq took more than 1,000,000 Iraqi lives and displaced millions more. Today, demonstrators seek to expose how U.S. policy fueled the sectarian strife that helped create ISIS and will send the message that adding more U.S. weaponry to the mix brings only more death and destruction, further embittering the peoples of the region towards the West.

In justifying the bombing, Obama last night said that the U.S. can’t “turn a blind eye to genocide.” In the light of his steadfast support for the month-long Israeli slaughter of Gaza – resupplying munitions to the Israeli Defense Force mid-battle – his statement perhaps surpasses even the most hypocritical statements of George W. Bush.

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