SECOND RALLY Held in Support of #Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in St. Louis

Supporters of Police Officer Darren Wilson turned out yesterday and formed a human chain across the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge in north St. Louis.

The protesters held a moment of silence in support of law enforcement officers in the St. Louis region.
chain of rocks bridge
Thank you to another group of supporters that put their own rally together today. They had a rally at the Old chain Of rocks bridge. Participants formed a human Thin Blue Line that spanned the bridge from the Illinois side to the Missouri side. Once everyone was in place, we had one minute if silence for our LEO (law enforcement officers) family in Ferguson and St Louis.

Officer Darren Wilson shot 18 year-old Michael Brown to death on Saturday August 9, 2014 in Ferguson.

Hundreds of supporters signed a card for Officer Wilson who fled the area last week.
darren wilson card

A Support Darren Wilson Facebook page was set up this weekend and has 26,000 likes.

Protesters held a rally downtown St. Louis Sunday in support of police officer Darren Wilson.
wilson rally
The protest was held outside the headquarters NBC affiliate KSDK News, which broadcast footage of Darren Wilson’s home.

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