Saudi Arabia Confirms First Ebola Death – Bans Funeral Ritual for Victim at Mosque …Update: Tests Come Back Negative for Ebola

Saudi National Dies at King Fahd Hospital–
king fahd hospital jeddah
A view of King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah, where the first suspected Ebola case died on Wednesday. (Arab News)

Ibrahim Al-Zahrani, a businessman in his 40s, passed away at the King Fahd Hospital, where he was admitted Monday night after showing symptoms of viral hemorrhagic fever. Ibrahim had just returned from Sierra Leone when he fell ill.
Test samples were sent to the US and Europe.

Saudi officials banned regular prayers for Zahrani at mosque for his funeral.


Abdul Aziz Al-Zahrani, the brother of Ibrahim who died from Ebola, blamed negligence of medical staff on his brother’s death.
The Arab News reported:

The Health Ministry denied Thursday the appearance of another Ebola virus fever case in Jeddah and urged the media not to publish such reports without confirmation.

“We will inform the public about the development of the new killer virus in full transparency and have taken measures to protect citizens and residents from such infectious diseases,” the ministry said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Aziz Al-Zahrani, the brother of the man who died of Ebola on Wednesday, blamed the negligence of medical staff at a private hospital in the city for the death.

“They delayed identifying Ibrahim’s disease, resulting in his demise,” he said.

He ruled out suggestions that Ibrahim had taken medicines that complicated his disease.

He said Ibrahim had stayed two days at a private hospital north of Jeddah before he was transferred to King Fahd Hospital.

Saudi Arabia blocked 7,200 Hajj visas from three Ebola infected countries today.

UPDATE: (Sunday) Initial tests came back negative for Ebola.

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