Rick Perry Announces RickPac.org at Redstate Gathering

Popular conservative Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) announced the formation of RickPAC.org this weekend at the RedState gathering in Dallas.
The Texas Tribune reported:

Perry spoke at the RedState Gathering, an annual event hosted by an influential conservative blog. He touched on many of the same ideas he broached at RedState’s national conference in 2011 — in which he officially launched his failed bid for president — including touting the Texas model of limited government as a template for the country and a pathway to economic prosperity.

“One of the reasons Texas has been so successful is because we are one of the few states that have consistently enacted red-state policies,” Perry said. “In fact, since 1998, we have done something that no other state has achieved. Every single statewide office has been won by a Republican.”

During the speech, Perry made his first public comments about RickPAC, his new political action committee, which he said will work to elect Republicans around the country.

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