REPORT: Obama’s Mass Executive Amnesty Plan Rejected by Bush Admin as Unconstitutional

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

illegal immigrants to US
Central American illegals take the train to the US.

The AP buried the lede in its report Saturday on President Barack Obama’s drive to grant by executive order legal status and work permits to millions of illegal aliens in defiance of Congress.

At the very end of the 22 paragraph article, entitled Experts: Obama Can Do a Lot to Change Immigration, is mention that President George W. Bush considered doing what Obama is pushing for now after being similarly stymied by Congress on amnesty but his advisors concluded the presidency did not have the constitutional authority to act in such manner:

“After a broad immigration bill failed in 2007, President George W. Bush ordered his staff to come up with every possible change he could make without the approval of Congress.

“Gregory Jacob, who worked on immigration issues with the president’s Domestic Policy Council, said the list included similarly broad protections from deportation as those implemented by Obama. But Bush’s staff concluded that the president didn’t have the legal authority to grant such “sweeping and categorical” protections, Jacob said.

“Bush’s director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Julie Myers Wood, said much of the discussion at the time focused on small changes to visa programs or other efforts that would impact relatively small groups of immigrants. One concern, she said, was the potential for “unintended consequences” of encouraging more illegal immigration.

“Republicans have complained that Obama has done what the Bush administration feared. Many have blamed the president for the influx of more than 57,000 unaccompanied immigrant children, mostly from Central America, who have been arrested at the Mexican border since Oct. 1.”

With President Obama set to provoke a Constitutional crisis soon with his amnesty executive order—including provoking possible impeachment—it is incumbent on President Bush to speak out now against Obama’s actions. The issue is protecting our Constitution. If Bush believed he didn’t have authority to do this then he needs to speak out now to prevent Obama from doing grave harm to our Nation and Constitutional order.

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