Report: ISIS Terrorist ‘John the Jailor’ Beheaded US Journalist James Foley

beatle isis
The ISIS terrorist who beheaded reporter James Foley is a one of three UK-born IS militants known as “The Beatles.”

British security forces are close to identifying the British ISIS member who beheaded US journalist James Foley.
The Times of Israel reported:

A gruesome video released online Tuesday showing the beheading of US journalist James Foley by a man who appears to be a British national has sparked international outrage and is fueling fears about the increasing numbers of foreign fighters joining the ranks of the Islamic State

The Guardian newspaper quoted an unidentified former prisoner held in Syria who said that the executioner goes by the name “John” and is an educated and devout radical Islamist who is one of three UK-born IS militants known as “the Beatles.”

According to the report, the executioner was from London, and was one of 500 British nationals who had traveled to Syria to fight against the regime of Bashar Assad and had been “brutalized” by Islamic State terrorists.

The three “Beatles” are said to be the main guards for foreigners held hostage in Raqqa, a city in northern Syria.

In the days before journalist James Foley was brutally beheaded by a member of ISIS, the group sent an e-mail to Foley’s family.

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