Radical Black Group Calls On GoFundMe to Take Down Darren Wilson Fundraising Page

The far left Color of Change organization is calling on GoFundMe to take down the Officer Darren Wilson fundraising page and return all profits raised from the Darren Wilson donors.
color of change wilson

Color of Change was started in 2005 by far left radicals Van Jones and James Rucker. The mission of the group is to “strengthen black America’s political voice” even if that means promoting a convenience store robber.

As is typical on the left, the group wants to silence, punish and threaten any dissenting voices, in this case, an innocent and injured police officer.

As of Tuesday August 27 the Michael Brown donation page has raised $278,007 from 9,261 donors.

The Darren Wilson donors have raised over $400,000 from two webpages. The first Support Officer Wilson page raised than $234,910 from 5,901 people. The second Support Officer Wilson page has raised $173,897 from 3,927 donors.

Color of Change says the comments on the Darren Wilson page are “racist” but it is not clear what they are talking about since GoFundMe does not have a comment section.

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