Pro-Hamas Prof Tweets ‘F**K you Israel…You Too Obama’ – Then Loses University Job


Pro-Hamas professor, Steven Salaita, has lost his job offer at the University of Illinois due to his toxic tweets about Israel, Jews, Hamas, Obama, Egypt and more.

He was all set to take a new job as a member of U of I’s American Indian Studies program. That’s all over now. Vicious tweets like the one below (provided by Legal Insurrection) attacking “American college kids” probably contributed to the decision to keep him away from American college kids.

“No wonder #Israel prefers killing Palestinians from the sky. It turns out America college kids aren’t very good at ground combat. #Gaza”


Legal Insurrection reports:

Apparently, these tweets have cost him his job offer at U. Illinois, but not before he resigned from Virginia Tech.  It appears that because his “offer” was contingent on various approvals, he thought he had an actual “offer” but really only had nothing but a promise to consider hiring him and a departmental recommendation to hire.

In the next tweet, Salaita openly supports Hamas, a terrorist organization according to the government of the United States of America.

“Will you condemn Hamas? No. Why not? Because Hamas isn’t the one incinerating children, you disingenuous prick. #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack”


Salaita attacks American Jews:

“Zionist uplift in America: every little Jewish boy and girl can grow up to be the leader of a murderous colonial regime. #Gaza”


Salaita openly declares antisemitism is honorable!

“Zionists: transforming “antisemitism” from something horrible into something honorable since 1948″


If all of this wasn’t enough to get him ejected from the halls of academia, attacking Obama was probably a sin too great to ignore:

“Fuck you, #Israel. And while I’m at it, fuck you , too, PA, Sisi, Arab monarchs, Obama. UK, EU, Canada, US Senate, corporate media, and ISIS.”



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