Police Make 120 Arrests at #Ferguson Riots – Only 4 From City of Ferguson (Video)

St. Louis County police arrested 47 “protesters” on Tuesday night.
120 people have been arrested since the protests started ten days ago.

Only four of those arrested have been from Ferguson.

Police released these mugshots of looters and rioters last week.
Terry Brewer is from Dallas, Texas.
looters stl pd
Top row: Robert Stephenson, Beonca McRath and Michael Davis. Second row: Stephon Thompson, Steven Martin and Trey Brewer. Third row: Demarco Harris, Nikko Fiertag and Andrew Henry (Post-Dispatch)

Protesters from Texas, Maryland, California, New York and Virginia have been arrested.

One individual from Austin, Texas was arrested for the third time on Tuesday night.
Billy Moreno, a 33 year-old from Austin, was arrested again last night.
billy protester moreno
The local media described Billy as a “peaceful protester” who was gassed this week.

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