Obama’s New Navy Ad a Reflection Of Multiculturalism, Inexperience, And Failed-Policy Visions

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Have you seen the multicultural BS pushed in a new military ad for the Navy? Just wondering if taxpayers can demand a refund for the money spent on such a mess? Clearly this is OBAMA’s Navy vision in which experienced and competent commanders are tossed out  and transgenders promoted.


The new Navy ad proudly embodies Obama’s failed Marxist policies of inexperience, multiculturalism, and collectivism.


Since when should any military promise “The FAIR treatment of ALL“? The last time I checked, the constitutional essence of the military was defined as an entity to ensure “the common defense” of the United States and its people?


The emphasis of the ad is no longer on the “individual” (i.e. “Be all that YOU can be”) but rather the emphasis is on the collective – “A GLOBAL FORCE for Good.”

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