Obama Says Iraqis Were Tired of “US Occupation” – Says Blaming Him for Withdrawing Troops “Is Bogus and Wrong” (Video)

Barack Obama was asked today about his decision to withdraw all US troops from Iraq. He told reporters that Iraqis were tired of the US “occupation” and put the blame on the Iraqi government. He also told reporters, “That entire analysis is bogus and wrong.” He refused to take responsibility, once again, for his failed policy.

Reporter: Mr. President, Do you have any second thoughts about pulling all ground troops from Iraq? Does it give you pause as US is doing same thing in Afghanista?

Barack Obama: It-it-it-it What I just find interesting, is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up as if this was my decision… Under the previous administration we had turned over the country to a sovereign democratic Iraqi government. In order for us to leave troops in Iraq we needed the invitation of the Iraqi government… And the Iraqi government based on its political considerations, in part because Iraqis were tired of a US occupation, declined to provide us those assurances… So when you hear people say, “Do you regret, Mr. President, not leaving more troops?” That presupposes that I would have overridden this sovereign government… That entire analysis is bogus and wrong.”

It’s nice how he equates US troops to occupiers, isn’t it?
Would he say the same thing about our troops in Japan or Germany today?

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