NJ Man And Recent Islam Convert Claims He Didn’t Know The Black Flag Represented Islamic Terrorist

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

As previously reported here and here, a NJ man—who is also a recent Muslim convert—flew the black ISIS flag outside his home and surprisingly—neighbors had a problem with it. Now the NJ man is claiming he didn’t know that the flag was an ISIS flag. The old “misunderstander-of-Islam” excuse.

Calling BS on “ignorance” excuses in light of the fact that the video report seen below indicates that the police now have the man on their radar. Additionally, it should be noted that the Qu’ran teaches to lie to the infidel—defined as anyone who is non-Muslim (a.k.a. non-believers).

Also, note that the video capture (below) reveals the Islamic symbol via the Republic of Turkey flag proudly displayed outside the man’s home. And the black flag was replaced with a mutation of the American flag—a San Diego Chargers flag—which seems like an odd choice in itself. Rebellious resistance to assimilate maybe?


Hat Tip RightScoop for the report seen below:

Fox News reports the following:

A 44-year-old Muslim convert says it was news to him that the flag he hung outside his house is the same banner waved by the murderous jihadist group known as Islamic State.

Neighbors and passersby who took to Twitter were alarmed at the black flag emblazoned with the Arabic words “The only god is Allah” flying from above the porch of Mark Dunaway, in Garwood, N.J. The chilling banner flew next to a red flag of Islam, but Dunaway said he never intended to show support for the terrorist group infamous for beheading Christians.

“I hang it every Friday and every Ramadan which ended not too long ago and I keep it up a little longer than I normally do,” Dunaway told FoxNews.com. “I guess some people saw it and got offended so I took it down. I do not support any militant group or anything like that.” […]

“I try not to watch that stuff,” Dunaway said. “I try not to get involved. I had no idea. This is just some that is part of my regular routine that I hang up.”

The flag is known as a “Black Standard” and represents the black banner carried by Muhammed and is one of many variants believed to have been used for nearly 1,000 years. The particular black standard used with the Shahada, or the Islamic Creed, placed above the historical seal of Muhammed.

The flag has been seen in use since 2001 and is dubbed “The Black Flag of Jihad and has been used by Al Qaeda, al-Shabaab, the Islamic Courts Union and Hizbul islam.

After taking the offending flag down, Dunaway replaced it with one bearing the logo of the NFL’s San Diego Chargers flag and kept up the other flag. He says that he often rotates the flags mostly of sports teams that he follows. […]

“Everyone is cautious,” said one neighbor who declined to give her name.

Dunaway still has the flag and displayed it in front of his home on Wednesday afternoon for FoxNews.com when asked by a reporter. He said that he was surprised by the messages he saw on online. […]

He also said that he will not display the flag as long as the Islamic State is in the news and continues their terror offensive across Iraq, but that he hopes to let the flag fly again…in due time.

“I hope they [the Islamic State] goes away real soon,” he said. “I hope I can display my flag again with no problem.”

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Didn’t ISIS recently make threatening claims to be in the US? And the NJ man hopes to fly the black flag again soon. Hmmmmm…..

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