Mugshots of Ferguson Looters Released – Including Man From Texas

On Monday KSDK reported that all of those arrested in Ferguson on Felony Looting charges had a criminal background and most were from outside the Ferguson area.
Via Dana Loesch:

trey brewer
Trey Brewer was arrested for looting in Ferguson. He is from Dallas, Texas.

On Tuesday the St. Louis County Police released photos of the arrested looters.
One man is from Texas.
FOX 2 News reported:


St. Louis County Police have released the mugshots of some of the looters arrested Sunday night.

There have been reports of 32 or more arrested in Ferguson. St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch says only 10 have been arrested and charged so far and are all being held in St. Louis County jail on $50,000 bond. Many are from St. Louis, not Ferguson, and Trey Brewer is from Texas.

McCulloch says they face felony burglary charges .

looters stl pd
Top row: Robert Stephenson, Beonca McRath and Michael Davis. Second row: Stephon Thompson, Steven Martin and Trey Brewer. Third row: Demarco Harris, Nikko Fiertag and Andrew Henry (Post-Dispatch)

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