Monday #Ferguson Riot Update: 31 Arrested, 2 Shot, 4 Cops Injured – Molotov Cocktail, Guns Confiscated

31 Arrested, 4 Cops Injured – Molotov Cocktail, Guns Confiscated

Peaceful protesters start another fire in Ferguson.

Two protesters were shot – by other protesters.
KMOV reported:


No Justice – No Peace
KMOV reported:

Police said 31 people were arrested, two people were shot, and four officers were injured during the protests in Ferguson Monday night.

A flurry of gunshots was heard late Monday night coming from Canfield Dr. Police said one person was shot in the hand and they did not disclose the injuries of the other person. Both shooting victims are expected to survive.

According to police, four officers were injured when they were struck by rocks and bottles at various times throughout the night.

Firefighters battled two fires throughout the evening. One fire was at a business and the other was at a residence. No injuries were reported in either of the incidents.

During an early morning press conference, Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson said he was inspired by the citizens in Ferguson who withstood chaotic situations, had the courage to carryout peaceful demonstrations, and move on to other areas as the situation deteriorated.

Billy from Austin, Texas was one of the protesters arrested last night in Ferguson.

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