GOP Congressional Candidate to Fund Campaign Entirely by Bitcoin

Dan Elder is running for US Representative in Missouri’s First Congressional District.
dan elder bitcoin
Elder, a defense contractor, advanced Tuesday to face Democratic Rep. William Lacy Clay Jr. in the November general election.

Elder will fund his campaign entirely with Bitcoin.
elder bitcoin
CoinDesk reported:

Starting on 11th July, Elder’s campaign website will only accept bitcoin donations. The candidate hopes to draw attention to digital currency during both his campaign and, if elected, his time in office.

A decision by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) allows in-kind donations in bitcoin, with a limit of $100. The May decision, prompted by questions from political action committees, opened the doors for campaigns to accept bitcoin from constituents and supporters.

Elder told CoinDesk that digital currency offers a unique way to bring soundness back to the idea of money.

More on Dan Elder from his Facebook Page:

Missouri Air National Guard veteran and strict Constitutional Republican, Dan Elder is not your typical candidate for office.

My name is Dan Elder, and I am running for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District. You will see me on the ballot as a Republican, but I refuse to focus on party platforms, old stereotypes, or strict party voting lines. I will focus on the issues that matter and real solutions a person like you, not a career politician, would take to Washington D.C. My political ideology sets me apart from perspect.


Marijuana Prohibition – I am for repealing the federal ban on cannabis in all its forms and allowing the states to decide how to handle it. If the federal government wants to ban marijuana or any other drug, it must follow the law and pass an amendment to the Constitution, as was done during alcohol prohibition.

National Defense – As a veteran, a Senior NCO in the Air Force, and a former DoD contractor, I have a fairly good grip on the state of things, here. I am for bringing ALL of our overseas troops home to refocus our national defense on OUR nation, not other nations.

Foreign Affairs – Removing our military footprint around the world and allowing regions to handle their own defense will put our nation in a better position to be friends with other counties rather than forcing our will by withholding military assistance. We need to make friends through free trade of goods and ideas, not through trade of militarism and force.

Marriage Rights – Give families options. Everyone has the same inalienable rights, regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, etc. Marriage isn’t any of the federal governments business, gay, straight, whatever.

Tax Code – Give taxpayers options. I would fight to see the income tax abolished. I support swapping it for a national sales tax to make it less burdensome and more fair for everyone.

Privacy – The right to individual privacy is paramount. The government has no right to monitor anyone’s communications without a valid warrant.

Healthcare – Give patients options. Open the healthcare market up by reducing or eliminating burdensome regulations.

Social Security – Give workers options. This program should be dissolved at the federal level and given to States to manage. If this is not possible then I would be in favor of making it optional to participate in.

Congressional Term Limits – Give constituents options. I want to see Senatorial seat length limited to 4 years, House seats kept at 2 years, and the total combined time any one person can sit in either house of Congress to be no greater than 8 years. Representation should not be a career. The people deserve statesmen, not politicians.

Federal Reserve – Give spenders options. I support a full audit of the Federal Reserve and will do everything in my power to allow competing currencies which will either lead to a strengthening of our dollar or the eventual closure of the Federal Reserve.

Education – Give parents options. Public education has failed urban communities. This is primarily due to poor public administration and lack of competition. I will fight to allow for a school voucher system which will drive innovation and bring success where we haven’t seen any in decades.

Drug Law Reform – Give consumers options. Despite the good intentions of those in favor of the war on drugs, the cost has been great, both in terms of innocent lives forever damaged or lost as well as increasing our already staggering national debt. Let adults decide what is best for themselves.

Jobs – Give workers options. Reduce the regulatory and tax burden on small business owners, which employ over 50% of our nations workforce.

Partisanship – Give voters options. Allow any party to run in any federal election by removing barriers that prevent or hinder being placed on the ballot.

Internet – Give users options. The internet has been one of the most incredible examples of a dynamic, decentralized community in the history of mankind. We can only hurt it by attempting to regulate and control it.

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