ISIS Holds Public Stoning Of Woman After Husband Discovers “She Was Not A Virgin”


ISIS jihadis continue their reign of terror across the MidEast.
Two women were stoned this week by the terrorist group.
IBT Times reported:

Isis jihadists in Syria’s northern Raqa province have stoned to death two women accused of adultery.

The Islamic State carried out its first sentence of death by stoning against a woman in Tabaqa, accusing her of adultery,” the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

On Saturday, Isis carried out the stoning of a second woman, believed to be 26 years old. In at least one of the cases, the stoning was reportedly carried out because the woman’s new husband discovered that she was not a virgin. [MORE…]

Will the American Left caution the female population of the region to have a measured and proportioned response to ISIS stoning of #YesAllWomen?

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