HYPOCRISY ALERT: Media Refuses To Mention Race When Black Cop Shoots White Teen

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

A Rush Limbaugh caller notes that the media refuses to introduce RACE when reporting a Salt Lake City incident involving a black cop shooting a white man. No MEDIA OUTRAGE. No Riots. No Looting. No Spike Lee to be found calling cops racist. No DOJ sightings. No Chicago Communist Protesters shouting “No Justice No Peace!”

The Rush Limbaugh caller and subsequent discussion below (Hat Tip DailyRushbo):


All the details of the Dillon Taylor investigation are not yet known, thus it is not clear if Dillon Taylor is an innocent victim or not—or if the shooting was justified or not. But one thing is absolutely clear—in that the Liberal media only flames the race issue when the story fits their political agenda.

Read more on the Dillon Taylor incident here, here, here, and here.

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