Horror! Iraqi Refugee: ISIS Raping Women – Then SELLING THEM… Children Crucified!

An Iraqi Christian refugee named Rwaa called into the BBC today to describe the horrific situation in Iraq. Rwaa fled the Christian city of Qaraqosh on Thursday with her children and cousin as ISIS rebels took control of the town.
Rwaa said,

“We fled last night, actually at 3 AM in the morning. We were at home when someone came and told us to, “Leave! Leave!” We left with our clothes only. We didn’t even take our passports. And (crying) we have no place to go because no one wants us here. They took everything from us… They took the women. They raped them. They are selling them. For God Sakes, they are selling them! What century are we?”

Tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians are fleeing for their lives after ISIS militants seized the town of Qaraqosh.

There are also photos circulating today on pro-ISIS accounts of a youth being crucified in the caliphate.
(Picture removed)
The blindfolded She’etat youth was led to the public square by an ISIS fighter where he was crucified.

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