Hamas TV Ad Encourages Palestinian Suicide Bombers to Dress Like Orthodox Jews

During the latest Gaza war, Hamas repeatedly broadcast a television clip promoting suicide attacks on Israeli civilians.

In the ad Hamas encourages Palestinians to disguise oneself like an Orthodox Jew for suicide attacks.
Palestinian Media Watch reported:
hamas dress as jews

This clip played on Al-Aqsa (Hamas) TV during the Gaza War.


Arutz Sheva reported, via Religion of Peace:

Shocking new videos from Hamas, PA glorify suicide bombings and murdering Israeli women and children.

Hamas terrorists have been encouraged to dress up like ordinary Orthodox Jews, according to Palestinian Media Watch, to carry out suicide attacks on Israeli civilians.

Hamas repeatedly broadcasted a video encouraging the attacks, as well as the disguise, according to the watchdog group.

The Hamas video glorifies a terrorist dressing up in a black hat, black Hassidic coat or bekishe, and tzitzit – and fully decked with long peyot or sidelocks and a beard – before arming himself with explosives.

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