Ferguson Police Shoot & Kill Man – Crowd Screams “Kill the Police!” & “Ku Klux Klan!” (Video)

On Saturday Ferguson, Missouri police shot and killed an 18 year-old black man.
Mike Brown was shot and killed by police.
furguson police shooting
The step father of Mike Brown holds a sign after Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police on Saturday.
Ferguson is located just outside of St. Louis.

Police said the killing happened after Brown physically assaulted the police officer. Reportedly, there was a struggle inside the car over the officer’s weapon.

St. Louis County police said a large crowd confronted officers following the shooting, yelling such things as “kill the police.”


In this video protesters shout, “Ku Klux Klan!” at police officers.

This video was taken at the murder scene–
Protesters shouted “Cracker!” at the police officers.

One Ferguson man tells the cameraman, “F*ck the police! We waging war on these mother f*ckers!”
(Warning on Language)

UPDATE: Attorney General Eric Holder has instructed the Justice Department to “monitor” the developments in Ferguson.

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