Ferguson Police Chief on Media: Whole Picture Is Being Painted “Sideways” From What’s Really Happening (Video)

Ferguson Missouri Police Chief Thomas Jackson held a press conference today in St. Louis County.  Jackson told reporters the identity of the police officer who shot 18 year-old Michael Brown would not be released if and until charges were filed by the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office.  

Jackson was not too happy with the media coverage of the protests, rioting and looting in Ferguson.

Reporter: The officers look like war is being used. Are you surprised by the reaction people are having to… (inaudible) the nature of the militarization of the police force?

Chief Jackson: Well, the whole picture is being painted a little bit sideways from what’s really happening. And, it’s not military it’s tactical operations. SWAT Teams. That’s who’s out there. Police, we’re doing this in blue.

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