Ferguson Police Chief: #MichaelBrown Went Into Police Car When He Was Shot (Video)

the only good cop

Ferguson Missouri Police Chief Thomas Jackson was interviewed last night by Sean Hannity. Jackson told Hannity Michael Brown went into the police car and wrestled with the officer when he was shot on Saturday. A shot was fired from inside the car.

Hannity: Either a shot was fired from inside the police officer’s car or it was not.

Jackson: It was, yes.

Hannity: Do we know for a fact then, so there was a struggle for the gun then?

Jackson: It is a fact…

Hannity: …Then are you convinced that the officer involved in the shooting was in department guidelines in protecting himself?

Jackson: I can’t answer that until I have the report from the county.

Hannity: But you are convinced that an altercation occurred and a shot was fired within the car, meaning Mr. Brown was in the car at some point?

Jackson: He was, he was. Yes.

Via Hannity:

More… The police officer involved in the fatal shooting was injured in the confrontation and was treated at the hospital.

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