Radical Leftists & Hamas Supporters Rally In LA With Nazi Signs (Video)

Far Left Radicals & Hamas Supporters Rally In LA With Nazi Signs–

A Progressive protester compares the Jewish State to Nazism at pro-Hamas rally organized by ANSWER LA.

One of the cornerstone organizers of America’s so called “anti-war” Left is the radical group International Answer. The organization was founded as an offshoot group from the American Communist Party. How radical are they? Just ask Donald Douglas. He spent the afternoon documenting their pro-Hamas rally in LA.

Communists, Hamas Solidarity Protesters Demand Israel’s Extermination in Los Angeles — #ANSWERLA


The tweet above is from a series of photos and Vines Douglas posted to his twitter feed @AmPowerBlog. “From the river to the sea…” is widely regarded as an open threat/lust for genocide against the Jewish state of Israel. Why is America’s anti-war movement organizing pro-Hamas rallies with a message of genocide against the Jews? Note the Che supporter with the Progressive call to genocide on his poster in the vine clip posted below:

From American Power Blog:

 Most of all, understand that these protests are not “pro-Gaza” demonstrations. They’re annihilationist anti-Israel protests, with demonstrators raising the flags of Hamas, chanting exterminationist terrorist slogans (“From the desert to the sea…”), and holding anti-Zionist signs attacking Israel as a “Nazi” state, demanding that the Jews be eliminated. As many have been reporting with regard to Europe’s surge of anti-Semitic violence, the last few weeks have seen the unleashing of genocidal anti-Jewish hatred not seen since the 1930s. Yesterday in Los Angeles was no different.

The GOP is looking to capitalize on being the party that isn’t aligned with groups that openly call for the genocide of the Jewish state. The Hill reported:

Republicans believe that the deepening crisis in Gaza could ultimately loosen the grip that the Democratic Party has traditionally held upon American Jewish voters. [MORE…]

Ya think? Visit American Power Blog to see the rest of Donald Douglas’ excellent documentation of this pro-Hamas rally organized by America’s “anti-war” Left.

Hundreds of Hamas supporters and far left radicals attended the rally.

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