CRANKS Praise Nicki Minaj Butt Lifts – Blast Beautiful Sofia Vergara on Pedestal (Video)

The Hypocrisy of the Left Knows No Bounds–
On Sunday – The media “lost their minds” over the Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” stripper performance at the VMA Awards.
Nicki “dropped jaws” with her live “Anaconda” rendition.
minaj grind
That wasn’t all she dropped.

But On Monday – The far left attacked beautiful “Modern Family” actress Sofia Vergara for propping herself on a slowly rotating pedestal, showing off her curves while the president of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Bruce Rosenblum did his annual dull drone-speech.
They said it was sexist.
Salon crank Daniel D’Addario called it a “bizarre, objectifying Emmy moment.”

Vergara later shot back at her far left critics: “I think its absolutely the opposite. It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself. I think it’s ridiculous that somebody started this—I know who she was—who has no sense of humor [and should] lighten up a little bit.”

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