EPIC! Black Republican Crashes Dick Durbin Presser – Blares Rap Music, Heckles Him on Amnesty – UPDATE: MEDIA BLACKOUT

This was Epic!
(SunTimes Photo)

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin was heckled during a recent press conference on Chicago’s South side.

The heckler was none other than former Republican candidate for Congress, Paul Mckinley.

Paul told Progressives Today,

“It was a divine intervention. I was at the store across the street… I started playing some loud cussing rap music. When I turned the music down I blasted him about amnesty!

Durbin was holding a presser in front of a Walgreens, taking credit for intimidating them into rejecting inversion, a tax loophole wherein an American corporation relocates their head offices overseas to avoid paying punitive taxes to the IRS.

That’s when Paul McKinley made his grand entrance! According to the Sun Times:

The Illinois’ Democrat’s news conference took a bizarre turn when a former Republican congressional candidate drove an SUV into the frame of TV cameras and proceeded to heckle the state’s senior senator.

Durbin had just started to address reporters in the parking lot of a South Loop Walgreens, praising the pharmacy chain for deciding to stay put in the U.S.

Then the thump of hip-hop in the distance grew louder and former 2nd Congressional District candidate Paul McKinley rolled to a stop behind Durbin. 

After turning down the blasting music, McKinley taunted Durbin from the drivers’ seat.

“Are you going to help the black community? You ain’t been helping us,” McKinley said. “You know who I am, Mr. Durbin. You ain’t never helped the black community … You going to send 18,000 people to jail this year in the black community.”

Paul was a Republican candidate for Congress in the 2013 special election to replace Democrat convict Jesse Jackson Jr.

McKinley made headline in 2013 when he crashed an Al Sharpton rally and held him to account for his failures in the black community.

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Despite the presence of at least FIVE news crews with cameras Chicago media edited out the incident in every single one of their reports. Even the Sun Times, which reported on the incident in their on line addition didn’t include the video they acknowledge possessing.

Durbin presser wide(4 camera crews plus the ABC7 camera taking the video from which this still is grabbed)

Progressives Today contacted each of the major news outlets who sent crews to cover the press event. In each case, for various reasons they are refusing to air the footage of Paul McKinley heckling Senator Dick Durbin. They don’t find it newsworthy when a former Republican candidate for Congress pulls up in an SUV blaring rap music and heckles a sitting Senator during his press conference.

Is it because Paul McKinley is black and almost all of the reporters and news producers/editors are white?


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