Ebola Fears in UK After Passenger Becomes Ill on Gangway and Dies

ebola uk

The UK is on red alert tonight after a 72 year-old passenger became ill and on the gangway and later died in the hospital.
The Mirror reported:

Airport staff tonight told of their fears of an Ebola outbreak after a passenger from Sierra Leone collapsed and died as she got off a plane at Gatwick.

Workers said they were terrified the virus could spread globally through the busy international hub from the West African country which is in the grip of the deadly epidemic.

The woman, said to be 72, became ill on the gangway after she left a Gambia Bird jet with 128 passengers on board. She died in hospital.

Ebola has killed 256 people in Sierra Leone. A total of 826 have died in West Africa since the outbreak began in February. Tests are now being carried out to see if the woman had disease.

The plane was quarantined as ­officials desperately tried to trace everyone who had been in contact with the woman.

Airport workers face an anxious wait to see if the woman had Ebola. One said: “Everyone’s just ­petrified.

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