Dutch Protesters Shout “Death to Jews!” at Pro-ISIS Rally (Video)

Dutch protesters shouted “Death to Jews!” and waved Islamic flags at their pro-ISIS rally.
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Arabic speaking police officers at the rally said the slogans did not cross the line of tolerance.
Of course they shouted “Allahu Akbar!” after they called for death to Jews.

Israel National News reported:


Video has emerged showing a chilling rally in Holland, during which dozens of young Muslims flew the black flag of the “Islamic State” group (formerly ISIS) and chanted “Death to the Jews!” in Arabic (maut al Yahud!)

The demonstration appears to be the same incident following which two Arab men were arrested on July 31, on suspicion of “inciting violence against people of a specific belief or race”.

Astonishingly, Arabic-speaking police who monitored the event (but did nothing to intervene) initially reported that “the slogans overheard by this officer were not considered as crossing boundaries. Hence no arrest was made.”

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