Did CNN Get Duped By Unverified Audio Recording of Mike Brown Shooting in #Ferguson?

Last night CNN ran an unverified audio recording of the Michael Brown shooting reportedly captured during a video chat in Ferguson.

darren wilson shooting

It sounds like six shots were fired and then after a lapse of a few seconds four more shots were fired.
Via Badger Pundit:

CNN invited North County attorney Lopa Blumenthal to discuss the video. Blumenthal, a leftie, is representing the man who made the tape during an online chat session.

CNN ran the video and decided to verify its authenticity later – something they lectured The Gateway Pundit about on Sunday.

The video brings up more questions than it answers:
** Dorian Johnson said he was conversing with Brown during the confrontation.
** Dorian Johnson also said Brown ran about three car lengths away when he turned around.
** The St. Louis County police said at least one shot was fired off in the car.
** Why was the audio made public now?
** Where’s the rest of the audio before the series of gun shots?
** Why would CNN run and unverified audio? (We all know the answer to that.)
** Did they do a background check on the attorney, at least?
** And, did you notice the guy didn’t even flinch while shots were going off clear as a bell in the background?

CNN better hope this does not come back to bite them.
Is it any wonder that only 22% of Americans have faith in the mainstream media?

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