Democrat Senator Dick Durbin Uses Veterans Administration To Bash Walgreens


Democrats like Illinois Senator Dick Durbin have presided over a massive VA cover-up that essentially murdered Vets, making them wait for appointments that never came while government employees collected massive bonuses.

But that’s all in the past.

Now, Democrat Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is using veterans to bash Walgreens and promote his legislation “No Federal Contracts for Corporate Deserters Act”


The act targets companies who are fleeing America’s progressive tax system for foreign markets that offer a less antagonistic business-government relationship. The move is called “inversion” and is achieved when an American Corp that owns a foreign company inverts their headquarters to the foreign operation. Sadly, progressives in Washington, DC have created such an adversarial business climate that inversion is an attractive option by comparison.

In response Progressives want to create a legislative Berlin Wall around corporations that regrettably want to leave the United States for a better way of life in a land more free than or own.

In his recent mailer, Dick Durbin bashes Walgreens by accusing them of taking money from Veterans!

From his recent mailer:

The lost tax revenue is enough to pay for 1 1/2 year’s worth of prescriptions for the entire veterans population of the V.A.

Funder Clip1

How many fraudulent VA bonuses could be paid with all that lost revenue, Dick?

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