Democrat Compares Republicans To Muslim Terror Group ISIL!

Well that didn’t take long!

An Illinois Democrat has compared Republicans to the Muslim terror group ISIL!


SunTimes reports:


Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner posted on Facebook that he underwent the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Rauner challenged Illinois House Speaker [Democrat] Mike Madigan and Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis. 

The bitter Democrats turned him down. For Democrats, politics is more important then finding a cure for a deadly disease.

“More worried about the challenge of his armed ballot security rentals…what’s next, does he rent ISIL?” said Madigan spokesman Steve Brown. 

Brown was referencing an Early & Often story from last week where Illinois Republican Party members acknowledged hiring a private security firm to validate petitions for the Libertarian party.

Got that? When a Republican nominates a Democrat for the ALS bucket challenge, it’s to hell with the good cause. Never waste an opportunity to compare a fellow American who just raised money for charity, to a muslim terrorist organization.

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