‘Day of Rage’ Becomes ‘Day of Fail’ – National Rallies Draw a Few Dozen Protesters

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

The Anonymous ‘Day of Rage’ nationwide protest on Thursday over the police shooting of unarmed robber Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri turned out to be a snore.

As documented by Twitchy, the American people are not as wound up about the shooting as are the media and leftist activists.

It’s no wonder now that more information has come out about the event leading up to the shooting of Brown.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier Thursday about the federal government issuing an alert about the protests.

Rebecca Bowe of the San Francisco Bay Guardian reported others were wondering where the raging protesters were.

“Here at UN Plaza there are DHS vehicles and news camera crews … but no #DayOfRage”

“Police SUV driving on sidewalk but not much else going on. KTVU crew wonders where protesters are. #DayOfRage”

“Another live shot from the #DayOfRage protest here in Boston. Oh man it sure is nuts.”

“Day of Rage arrives in #Tampa. Around 30 people are outside Tampa police station demanding end to police brutality.”

“This is DC’s #DayofRage protest. Seriously. Hula hoopers & photographers”

“A few additional people have now shown up. We’re told the DC #DayofRage protest was cancelled, some came anyway”

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