Dana Loesch on Al Sharpton’s #Ferguson Ministry: “Maybe He’s Acting as First Snitch?” (Video)

Dana Loesch took on Richard Fowler in a heated debate on Al Sharpton’s presence in Ferguson, Missouri Friday night on The Kelly File. Sharpton has been operating in Ferguson over the past week at the White House’s request.

Dana Loesch on Al Sharpton’s Ferguson ministry:

“I’m not even sure what Al Sharpton is doing there, frankly. Because we have, St. Louis is my home town and I have family and friends who are in Ferguson. And there are a number of actual reverends who don’t have phantom flocks. I don’t know maybe he’s acting as first snitch? I’m not quite sure. There are people who could reach out to the White House and do a better job than Al Sharpton there… Every where he goes, he incites. He has been more moderately refrained from his rhetoric than he has in the past. Maybe it’s because this week is the 20th anniversary of the Crown Heights riots. I’m not quite so sure but it is good to see that.”

Via The Kelly File:

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