Craigslist Ad: Korean Sharpshooters to Deal With #Ferguson Looters

A Craigslist ad has been running this week seeking “Roof Koreans” to deal with the looters in Ferguson, Missouri.

Roof Koreans for hire. Much success during L.A. Riots, no looters at our stores. Added bonus: can’t be accused of racism, especially if violent mobs are fired upon. Will provide own ammo, but will charge extra for any rounds spent.

craigs list roof koreans

Many Ferguson businesses are providing their own security due to the nightly riots.

Local St. Louis gun stores are seeing a boom in business since the rioting started a week ago.
tattoo parlor
Mike Gutierrez (left) and Adam Weinstein (third from left) brought guns to guard their store during the riots in Ferguson last night. (River Front Times)

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