CONSERVATIVES PROTEST GOP CHAIR at Redstate Gathering With “Remember MS” Signs

Today RNC chairman Reince Priebus spoke at the Redstate Gathering in Dallas, Texas.
He was met by several conservative protesters with “Censure Henry” signs.
censure henry 1

Henry Barbour, nephew of Haley Barbour, and his PAC paid for racist political ads against conservative Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party in Mississippi during the primary election against Senator Thad Cochran. Barbour’s ads targeted Democrat voters, hoping to get them to vote for Cochran. One Barbour flyer stated that the “Tea Party intends to prevent you from voting.”

Now conservative voters want Henry Barbour censured by the GOP.
Saturday they let Reince Priebus know it.


censure henry 2

Earlier this week Missouri Republican Party Chairman Ed Martin called on the GOP to censure Henry Barbour over his racist attack ads against the Tea Party.

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