CNN Puts Out APB for #Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

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Last week, CNN was in the lead of the media pack in drawing a virtual map to the home of Officer Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri policeman who shot unarmed robber Michael Brown in a case that has roiled the small town with riots and drawn the involvement of President Barack Obama.

CNN broadcast video of Officer Wilson’s house, street number and neighborhood while other media outlets named the town and other descriptors where he lives. One local TV station apologized for showing Officer Wilson’s house.

After a week without being able to flush out the media-led lynch mobs’ prey, an apparently frustrated CNN put out the call to its viewers Friday afternoon: “Ferguson shooting: Where’s Officer Darren Wilson?”

Thursday the Washington Post, which published the name of the street Officer Wilson lives on, lamented that, “Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is nowhere to be found”

CNN acknowledges Officer Wilson is in hiding from death threats–which has become the norm in Obama’s America. If the liberal lynch mob believes you are guilty even before an investigation is completed to decide whether you should be charged with a crime they will hound you with death threats with the tacit approval of the Obama administration.

When Attorney General Eric Holder toured Ferguson this week he made no mention of protecting Wilson from the lynch mob nor did he reprove the New Black Panther Party for leading a rally that called for the death of Officer Wilson.

Likewise with the investigation in to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Holder allowed death threats against George Zimmerman and his family made by the New Black Panther Party and others to go unprosecuted.

The CNN article poses several questions about Officer Wilson’s whereabouts and whether he has left a trail to discover him.

“As the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson calmed early Friday after nights of protests over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen, the question remains: Where’s the police officer who pulled the trigger?

“Officer Darren Wilson, 28, shot Michael Brown on August 9. The shooting sparked days of violent protests in Ferguson as residents demanded his arrest.

“Separate federal and local investigations are under way, and Wilson — who has received death threats — has disappeared from public view.

“Here’s what is known about his whereabouts.

“Where is he now?”

Other questions posed by CNN:

“What are his neighbors saying about his whereabouts?”

“Any trails on social media?”

“Has he contacted his friends?”

“What is the police department saying?”

“What’s next for him?”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on Thursday about Officer Wilson being in hiding since the shooting. Apparently, the Post-Dispatch has a phone number for Officer Wilson as it reports, “Wilson hasn’t responded to calls or texts. Neither have his close friends or family members.”

Meanwhile, leftists are apoplectic that supporters of Officer Wilson are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to him for legal and personal expenses. The Guardian reported Friday the funds raised may go to a police-oriented non-profit instead.

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