BREAKING VIDEOS FROM FERGUSON: Protesters Break Curfew- Clash With Police – Tear Gas – Shots Fired

At least 150-300 protesters broke curfew tonight and are on the street in Ferguson.
looters ferguson 3
Rain is helping to clear out people. Most activity happening around the QT now. (Antonio French)

The protesters are “ready to die” tonight.

“No Justice! No Curfew!… We grown!”
Via St. Louis photographer Kenny Bahr on the scene.
(Warning on Language)


UPDATE: Kenny just sent this from Ferguson.
Protesters Clash With Police—

You can watch a live feed from Ferguson here.

UPDATE: About 300 are out on the street. Kenny is currently with FOX News crew at the moment. The protesters are marching towards the police line!! Five St. Louis tactical trucks. Kenny has his gas mask on his head.

The police are putting on their gas masks.

Police just dropped gas cannisters. They’re moving in.

Welcome to Missouri!

A sniper was spotted on a roof in the area.

A kid just got shot.

Why is Marc Lamont Hill in Ferguson?

UPDATE: (1:20 AM Central) It looks like things are winding down. Police made several arrests. At least one person was shot by the protesters.

UPDATE: (1:30 AM Central) One person was shot at Canfield Avenue and West Florissant – condition unknown.

UPDATE: 1:50 AM Central – Things are still crazy. Shots being fired in Ferguson.

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