Breaking: James O’Keefe Teases Investigative Report on US Border Security

Investigative reporter James O’Keefe teased a US border investigation that his team is planning on breaking on Monday.

James went down to the Texas border himself to research what is really happening on the southern border.
james okeefe texas border
James O’Keefe on the southern border in Texas. (Project Veritas)

Via Project Veritas:

You haven’t heard the whole story behind the border crisis . . . trust me, you won’t believe what we’re about to reveal in our U.S. border investigation next Monday.

There will be no Pulitzer, Peabody or Emmy awards after we release our story on Monday. They reserve those types awards for media who sit back and accept the government line at face value. We don’t. We seek out the truth. And we guarantee that our report on Monday will embarrass the government spokesmen and political leaders who want you to quietly accept that there’s no illegal immigration crisis, that the border is secure and that America is safe.

By now, you’ve heard of the tens of thousands of children fleeing from Central America. You may have even seen the media debating why the Border Patrol has stopped multiple Congressmen from viewing the border facilities that hold these children. After watching this story closely and hearing from law enforcement officials and American ranchers about what’s really happening on the border, we knew we had to investigate. I went to Texas this week to work with our investigative journalists who were already looking into the border crisis. I wanted to see for myself, so we went to the border to get a closer look. Let’s just say that we got a much closer look than we had planned. What we discovered will shock and outrage you.

James O’Keefe tweeted this out Friday night:

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