Baby Boy Is Only Survivor of ISIS Bomb Attack

baby boy isis
Toddler Hassan was wounded when a suicide bomb went off but his family did not make it.

Two year-old Hassan is the last remaining member of his immediate family. ISIS murdered the boys parents and siblings in a suicide bomb attack in Kirkuk province.
The Daily Signal reported:

After escaping a terrorist-besieged Iraqi town with his family, 2-year-old Hassan was wounded when a suicide bomb went off near a mosque.

The blast in the Kurdistan-controlled Kirkuk province, set off by terrorists from the group Islamic State, killed the boy’s entire immediate family. Today, three weeks later, the toddler remains in the hospital, bandages covering much of his face.

Dr. Ali al-Bayati, head of an Iraq-based humanitarian group called the Turkmen Saving Foundation, said of Hassan:

He belongs to a refugee family who left Amerli seeking a safe place after the savage attack of the terrorists to their city. He lost his family, as they were killed in the explosion with many of his relatives as well.

The Aug. 7 incident, which al-Bayati recounted to The Daily Signal by email, is one example of the plight of Shitte Turkmen in Amerli, a city in northern Iraq where they have been under siege for months by the Islamist terrorists.

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