Awful! Progressives ATTACK & POST PHOTOS of Black Conservative’s Children Over #Ferguson Stance

In the days following the Mike Brown shooting GOP primary candidate (MO-1) Martin Baker took a very Missouri-like approach by not jumping to conclusions and waiting for the facts in the case.   In Missouri it is called a “Show Me” attitude.

Baker stood shoulder to shoulder with Mike Brown’s parents and Al Sharpton on the old courthouse steps in St. Louis after the shooting.   While some questioned his choice of company that day Baker received no threats or insults regarding his attendance at Sharpton’s presser.

(Martin Baker 1 person away from Sharpton on the left)
martin w sharpton
Mr. Baker told Progressives Today:


“I support due process for Officer Wilson as I support it for the Brown Family. I firmly believe in equal justice under the law.”

Martin later attended a rally in support Officer Darin Wilson.  As news of this rally in support of Wilson spread across social media it wasn’t long before Baker’s attendance was noticed by those super tolerant liberals.

martin baker wilson rally
Martin Baker at Officer Darren Wilson support rally. (Bossip)

The insults and racial slurs began to fall like not so gentle rain. Cries of “Uncle Tom!” “Coon” and “Pet Negro” soon littered his Twitter timeline. The progressive hate came so fast and furious that at one point Martin’s name was trending nationally on twitter. Here are just a few examples:

Coon Ass Nigga
photo 3

A “Sellout Ass Uncle Tom”
photo 5(1)

And this one on “Coon of the week.”
race hate

Over the past two weeks the level of vitriol from the left has escalated against Martin, Martin is used to the attacks being a black conservative.  However, the left is now attacking and even posting pictures of his children.

Martin Baker asks you to join him on twitter to help combat the hate from these cyber-bullies.

These people are now insulting and endangering his children.

Those who claim to be the most tolerant are always the most intolerant.

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