AUDIO: Rush Limbaugh On The Michael Brown’s Stolen Cigars: Swisher Sweets Purchased By People Who Love Marijuana

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Rush Limbaugh offers a great analysis on the recent Michael Brown robbery video and how it changes the Liberal media template.

Included in the (below) audio analysis is an explanation on why Swisher Sweets are the preferred cigar for making blunts by those that love marijuana.

Hat Tip DailyRushbo (for the audio clip below)

Highlights of the posted audio as follows (transcript provided at

  • At 1:38 minute marker Rush discusses proof that the media knew about the robbery all along.
  • At 3:10 minute marker Rush defines the preferred Liberal media narrative (absent of the robbery detail facts).
  • At 9:16 minute marker Rush explains the attraction to Swisher Sweets as the preferred cigars for marijuana users.
  • At 10:32 minute marker an explanation on how the robbery surveillance video changes the media template.
  • At 12:00 minute marker a clip of Don Lemmon acknowledging that the media knew about the robbery from the beginning of this news story cycle.

In light of the robbery surveillance video, media is clearly scrambling to hold onto their “Michael Brown is innocent” narrative illustrated by this CNN Jake Tapper REPORT in which Tapper claims the robbery surveillance video doesn’t prove that it was Michael Brown in the robbery video. Oh no? Tapper—a journalist who should learn to pay attention to details—apparently ignores the matching clothing down to the shoes (along with size and weight of the man).

The same CNN report also sticks to the claim that the “Strong-arm robbery” does “not justify shooting and killing this young man.” Uh, again, it may be wise to gather all the facts before coming to any Liberal-political-agenda-driven conclusions since a recent Dana Loesch interview reveals that Michael Brown may have been on drugs and was charging at the police officer when the officer asked Brown to stop (following the police car altercation and an attempt to leave the scene).

As Evan Sayet has stated, Liberal media is not only wrong… but as WRONG AS WRONG CAN BE on every story.

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