9,000 Illinois Inmates Sign Up For Obamacare

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You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. You have the right to a 45 minute session with a psychiatrist 3 times a week. You have a right to medication. You have a right to get all this for “free” courtesy of the US tax payer.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, attempting to cope with what he says is a growing mental health crisis among inmates at the county jail, said up to 9,000 people who have been incarcerated have signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act in an attempt to get the care they need. [MORE…]

The Cook County Sheriff is receiving an award for his job well done.

Dart said the Cook County Jail is now the largest mental health provider in the state and perhaps the largest in the country. He said he is traveling next month to accept an award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness for trying to cope with the problem. [MORE…]

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