‘Yo, Dog Dropped a Deuce:’ State Enviro Agency Spent $27,000 on Anti-Dog Poop Music Video

Well, that’s pretty crappy.

Critics are outraged after learning that a government agency tasked with cleaning up Washington’s Puget Sound spent $27,000 on an anti-dog poop rap video.

From the looks of it, Snoop Dogg — or is it Snoop Lion now? — was not involved in the production of the video about canine fecal matter.

The track, released by the Puget Sound Partnership, is set to the flow of Blackstreet’s ’90s’ hit “No Diggity” and has a few slick lines.

“I like the way you walk it, dog doogity, we’ve got to bag it up,” the rapper sings.

But, the track also contains a few, ahem, bombs.

“Yo, dog dropped a deuce.”

Or: “You don’t want to swim in poo.”


The Freedom Foundation, a government watchdog based in Olympia, criticized the Puget Sound Partnership, saying that the hip hop video is just the latest piece of evidence that the group spends tax dollars recklessly.

“But how do these expenditures translate into cleaning up Puget Sound?” asked Freedom Foundation writer Connor Edwards, noting that the partnership is asking for even more public relations cash. “They don’t. Even worse, they siphon needed tax dollars from agencies that actually do engage in environmental restoration.”

A grant for the Washington State Department of Ecology funded the video.


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